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DC Comics: Batman Forever - Riddler MiniCo PVC Statue

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DC Comics: Batman Forever - Riddler MiniCo PVC Statue
Iron Studios present Batman Forever MiniCo statues!

Facing the multicolored dangers of the playful villain Two-Face in the night of Gotham City, with easy solutions, fantastic vehicles, and little to no discreet gadgets, Batman also faces his former employee and crazy inventor Edward Nygma, that created a device that connects the TVs to the brains of Gotham’s citizens. Rejected and disappointed, the egocentric Edward becomes the fussy Riddler and joins Two-Face to discover Batman’s identity and defeat him. To help the bat, a young orphan trapeze artist and circus acrobat called Dick Grayson, is welcomed by Bruce in his mansion after his family was a victim of Two-Face, but after some rebel shenanigans, he becomes his partner known as Robin.

With his green suit and bowler hat filled with question marks, the crazy and systematic villain leans over his stylized walking stick full of hidden devices to trigger his traps in the headquarters of his greatest rival. Dreaming with a distant gaze and roguish smile, his mind never stops creating new riddles to challenge the bat protector of Gotham City and decipher the biggest riddle, the hero’s true identity. Iron Studios bring the statue 'The Riddler - Batman Forever - MiniCo', with Batman’s classic archenemy in his fun and eccentric version in the movies from 1995, in the production by Joel Schumacher.

Misunderstood by the pre-millennium bug audience, Batman Forever, the third movie of the series initiated by Tim Burton in 1989, brought a more familiar tone to the franchise, adorably childish, and with a connotation leaning towards adventure and camp humor, the production introduced his partner Robin played by Chris O’Donnell and the villains Riddler (Jim Carrey) and Two-Face (Tommy Lee Jones) in a more playful and imaginative fictional universe of Batman. Revealed on the Inside Iron Studios Day show and already available for Pre-Order, fans and collectors already dream of their Batman MiniCo collections inspired by the most memorable versions of the Dark Knight in the movies. Check out more news on Iron Studios’ social media and YouTube channel.

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