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Street Fighter: Akuma & Dhalsim 1:10 Scale Statue Set

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Street Fighter: Akuma & Dhalsim 1:10 Scale Statue Set
Sideshow and Premium Collectibles Studio present the Street Fighter Street Jam: Akuma & Dhalsim 1:10 Scale Collectible Set.

This pair of two Street Fighter collectible 1:10 scale collectible statues is the fourth installment in the PCS Street Jam line based on the iconic poster from Udon Entertainment showcasing a selection of fan-favorite characters from the Street Fighter franchise. Peace and rage come together to form an unbeatable alliance with this duo of fully sculpted Street Fighter champions. Dhalsim's disciplined strength combines with the fiery fury of Akuma to create an unstoppable force from this unlikely pairing. Dhalsim holds a stern expression as he demonstrates his unmatched flexibility in a complex yoga pose. With his long arms intertwined and both legs above his head, the Yoga Master presents a calm yet strong demeanor ready to take on any oppressor of the public. Akuma stands tall and fierce with an enraged scowl as his prominent crimson eyes glare below a furrowed brow. The Master of the Fist's intense expression and flaming red hair, held in a top knot, display the formidable warrior's brazen will to bring down any enemy in his path. Accentuated with a necklace of bones and hoops on both his ears and wrists, Dhalsim dons his classic yellow saffron shorts and bands. Both Dhalsim's lightweight outfit and Akuma's familiar sleeveless gi are sculpted with exceptionally realistic texture and detail. Akuma's look is complete with prayer beads and a waist belt.

Add the ultimate harmony of pacifism and power to your video game collectibles today with the Street Fighter Akuma & Dhalsim 1:10 statue set!

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  • SKU: MC-5452
  • Manufacturer: Pop Culture Shock
  • GTIN: 0712179860650
  • MPN: 912775
  • Category: Statues & Figures
  • Genre: Videogame
  • Scale: 1/10
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  • Availability: UNORDERABLE
  • Expected: October 2024
  • €299.00